About Our CURED Meats

The very best in insanely tasty cured meats delivered directly through your letterbox!

Try them now and we think you’ll build up an insatiable appetite for these healthy and nutritious handcrafted treats. Each box contains around £24 worth of product from just £17.95.

And with 7 cured meat box options to choose from, all packed with between 5 and 6 constantly changing selections – sourced from the finest independent British artisan specialists – there’s a fabulous cornucopia of flavours to enjoy however often you want!

This is the ideal way to explore the wonderful world of British charcuterie, from saucissons and connoisseur cuts to biltongs and beer snacks, our super-hot selections and protein-packed boxes for keep fit fans. All featuring ethically sourced meats, hand cured and crafted with herbs and spices to create the meatiest, most mouth-watering treats you will ever eat!

We couldn't do it without our Perfect Partners

Moons Green - Have a cure for people who are fed up with factory food

Ian and John - Moons Green

Rare breed pig farmer and food writer John Doig and partner Ian Jones use custom reared pork (at least twice the size of commercial pigs) for their charcuterie.

They create every recipe, stuff every stick of Moons Green saucisson, grind their own spices, hand rub every cure into every slipper, loin, collar, bresaola and pancetta slab.