About Our Fresh Meats

Meatbox Fresh Meats

We offer a full range of premium English* free-range poultry, pork, lamb and beef which we have carefully selected to be supplied by small, local farms run by farmers who genuinely care about the welfare of their animals. So our meat is free-range and fresh, with no added water, preservatives or GMO’s!

All of our beef is prepared the old school butcher way; it’s hung from the bone for a minimum of 14 days to ensure that the meat is as tender and tasty as it can possibly be.

All of our sausages and burgers are lovingly handmade and come in a variety of excitingly British flavours such as wild boar and cider or pork and Ringwood Ale.

Our chicken has been sourced from farms in the south of England and where necessary the best in European farms. A simple diet, greater maturity and natural environment produce chicken that is rich in flavour with a greater texture than store-bought chicken.

We can’t stress enough that the meat we will deliver to you is amongst the best around. We expertly prepare your cuts, pack them and encase them in recyclable/ re-usable insulated boxes with chilled pouches to keep it in tip-top condition for when it gets to you.