Pressure Cooker Chicken Dinner!

To pressure cook the large chicken (c1.8kgs):

🐔 Add 2 chopped carrots, an onion, a slice of bacon and 2 tomatoes to the bottom of the pressure cooker along with 400ml boiling water and a chicken stock potHeavily season the outside of the chicken with a spray of EVOO, salt, pepper and sage rubbed over the skin. Inside the chicken, stuff with a quartered onion, a halved carrot and half a lemon
🐔 Sit the chicken onto the raised metal rack above the veggies and close the lid
🐔 Pressure cook on high for 24 mins with quick release once done
🐔 When done, switch to air fry and finish off the skin for an extra 5 mins then remove the chicken to rest
🐔 Mash down what’s left in the pan and add a tbsp of flour then whisk
🐔 When the flour has cooked out, transfer the gravy via a sieve into a jug and thicken with granules if required

The chicken is so tender and juicy, plus so much quicker to cook! Obviously this could be done in an oven if you don’t have a pressure cooker, and the gravy will work just the same!

We had our chicken with:

• crispy roasties (cooked using our leftover pork fat from last week)
• roasted cauliflower
• sage roasted carrots
• maple parsnips
• homemade pigs in blankets
• homemade sage and onion yorkshire puds
• roasted red onion
• peas and sweetcorn #notsorry

Thank you @farehamfoodie

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