Leftover Pulled Pork, Dipped Tacos

🌮 Add the pork to a pan and reheat with water
🌮 As the water evaporates, add your chosen spices (I used smokey bbq chilli)
🌮 Add more water and 1/4 of a stock cube then keep the heat low until ready to serve
🌮 Remove the meat and put it in a bowl, squeezing some of the liquid out of the meat back into the pan
🌮 Heat up a dry frying pan
🌮 Dip the tortillas into the pan liquid until fully coated, then put them straight into the dry pan to fry
🌮 Remove from the pan, fill with pulled pork and a sprinkle of cheese then back into the pan for a flash fry (mainly to melt the cheese). If they start to dry out, use the leftover liquid to drizzle on top when frying!
🌮 The salad was simple - chopped avocado into chunks, halved cherry tomatoes and cucumber chunks with some lemon juice and freshly chopped parsley

This take no time at all to prepare so is perfect if you’re in a rush after the school run/getting in from work and want something tasty and fresh to eat. For the cost of the tortillas (£1.60 for 8 - we used 6 between two of us) and a bit of salad on the side, you can’t go wrong!!

Thank you @farehamfoodie

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