Juicy Steak, Chips & Pepper Sauce

Medium-rare rump steak, air fryer skin-on fries and a homemade, creamy peppercorn sauce for dipping.

For 2 servings, here’s how:

🥩 Remove the steaks from the fridge and leave them to come up to room temperature
🥩 Start by adding your frozen skin-on fries to the air fryer (or oven) with a spray of oil and a sprinkle of salt
🥩 Slice open a couple of salad tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt and oregano then pop under the grill until charred
🥩 Season the steaks with salt and pepper then add a pan to the heat
🥩 Add a drizzle of oil to the pan then in with the steaks. Sear on both sides and cook to your taste (medium-rare for me)!
🥩 Baste with butter then remove from the pan and rest for 5-10 mins
🥩 FOR THE SAUCE: Add a chopped onion and garlic clove to a pan with a drizzle of oil and a tsp of butter.
🥩 Add in 3tsps of peppercorns and stir for a few mins
🥩 In with 100ml of red wine to deglaze then reduce down to a third
🥩 Add in a beef stock pot with 250ml water then reduce again by half
🥩 Remove from the heat then add 50ml soured cream and salt to taste. You can either push through a sieve (before adding the cream) or even easier, blend until smooth - although this does make it extra peppery!

Et voila! Easy peasy steak, chips and a pepper sauce, for £13.19 (£6.59 per portion)!

Thank you @farehamfoodie

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