Harissa Lamb Cutlets with Wild Garlic Crumb

This recipe from @eatlikeagirl featuring the best of the season with wild garlic, and a kick of spice.

This translates well to any cut of lamb. So you can do this with a Meatbox leg of lamb and our rolled Hampshire saddle of lamb too.

per person

harissa lamb cutlets
3 meatbox lamb cutlets
3 tbsp harissa paste
oil for frying

wild garlic crumbs
50g bread crumbs (fresh not panko)
2 tbsp wild garlic oil (made from 1 part cleaned and dried wild garlic leaves, pureed with 2 parts good oil, stored in the fridge between uses)

Put 1 tbsp harissa paste on each lamb cutlet, rubbing it in well on both sides. Leave to rest if you can (even just for half an hour). As with all marinades, the longer the better, aim for 2 hours minimum if you can.

Make your wild garlic crumbs by combining the wild garlic oil and breadcrumbs and spreading them out on a thin layer on a flat tray. Bake at 180 deg C until crisp, about 6 - 8 minutes, depending on your oven.

Put a little oil on each lamb cutlet, on each side, patting it in gently. I like to use a cast iron pan which has been heated for a few minutes over a very high heat to fry them. I like mine pink so I cook them for 3 minutes each side, allowing them to rest before eating.

Serve with the toasted wild garlic crumb on top and enjoy!


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