Bright summer steak tacos! 🌮🥩🍅🌶😎

@eatlikeagirl put together these super tasty light steak tacos which are just perfect in this heat and which also come together super quickly! ☀️😎

Made with our ribeye steak, which is cut from 21 day aged Hampshire reared, grass fed beef. They are packed full of flavour! Ribeye steaks are marbled with fat ensuring a delicious juicy tender steak

Season your steak with sea salt on both sides 10 minutes before you cook it (don’t be tempted to do this earlier, the steak will become tough if let to sit too long, as the salt draws out their water).

Cook your steak as you would like to eat it, in a pre-heated pan. A cast iron pan is really good for this if you have one. 3 minutes each side and nice and pink for @eatlikeagirl! Rest the steak for 5 minutes to let the juices settle, and to allow the meat to relax.

Heat through some tortillas for 30 seconds each in a frying pan (clean the steak one of using that but save the juices to serve over the steak) and later them on your plate. Prepare 3 per steak.

Make a quick and gorgeous tomato salad by chopping 3 tomatoes and combing if with two chopped cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of sliced jalapeños from a jar (to taste, add less or more depending on your heat preference!). Season with sea salt.

Slice some red onion separately and add some vinegar from the jalapeños to soften them and take their edge off.

Slice the steak thinly and place on the tortillas. Put the tomato salad and red onions on top, and some fresh coriander. Sour cream would be a wonderful addition here too.


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