Pulled Pork Loaded Fries

Here’s how:
🐷 Cut up two red apples and add to an oven dish
🐷 Add a carrot or two, a bulb of garlic and a quartered red onion
🐷 Add a bay leaf, salt and pepper and any other herbs you like
🐷 Score the pork fat and season with plenty of salt
🐷 Add into a preheated oven at 100° and slow cook for 6 hours
🐷 Remove from the oven and check the temp (should be around 65°C)
🐷 Increase the oven temp to 190° and pop the pork back in for another 45-50 mins (until internal temp is around 93°C) so the fat can crisp up for your crackling and the meat is soft enough to pull apart
🐷 Remove from the oven and rest for a few mins, then carefully remove the crackling and set aside
🐷 Transfer the pork into a clean dish and pull the meat apart with your hands (if you don’t mind second degree burns) or with two forks
🐷 Mash down the tray veggies and add some boiling water, then pour into a jug through a sieve and let settle so the oil separates
🐷 Pour the gravy over the pulled meat and keep the oil to one side (perfect for your roasties on Sunday)!
🐷 Air fry (or oven cook) your skin-on fries (we just use frozen, shop-bought)
🐷 Serve the pork on top of the skin-on fries, top with a sprinkling of cheese, barbecue or sriracha sauce and finish with a handful of crackling and a side of creamy coleslaw

The pork joint was c1.5kg and would serve 4-5 portions easily. This came in at £4.87 per portion (or £9.75 for the two meals all in). Perfect for a Friday night in!

Thank you @farehamfoodie

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