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Thank you for being with us on our journey

‘Quality service is much more than delivering the best products that you can at the best price in the best way. It's about being there when people need you, being honest and working together to deliver something special.’ Jesse Rees, Meatbox

On the first morning after COVID lockdown was announced, the Meatbox team arrived to see a 5000% increase in orders overnight.

Life had changed dramatically overnight, for all of us of course.

And we knew that we had to change, too, if we were going to meet the hugely increased demand for fresh, healthy UK meats – for our existing customers, and lots of new ones. It wasn’t just supermarkets which were selling out, the supply chain was struggling too. Like everyone else, we needed to adapt, quickly.

Establishing service as usual in these most unusual times

After asking customers if they could wait a week or so for their orders while we sorted new ways of working out (not a single one cancelled or objected, bless you all!) we set about getting back to next-day delivery asap. It didn’t take long, thanks to our fantastic partners. We’ve worked closely with them all – the farmers, our butchers, our packaging and delivery providers – to ensure that not only can we maintain supplies of meats to fulfil our orders, but also to maintain the high and exacting standards we have set. And all the time working safely in line with the safest COVID protocols and processes.

The biggest change we made was simple but effective: we moved our picking and packing operation right next door to where our butchers prepare our farm-fresh meats, so everything could run smoothly and efficiently. Our logistics partners were brilliant, too, pulling all the stops out and being super-flexible to deliver the goods on time every time.

Getting closer to you, our customers

We’ve become closer to our customers, too. Daily conversations made us understand that this wasn't just about making great farm reared meats available across the country but that we were now key in ensuring that key workers, the vulnerable and the hungry were getting the meats they needed. Orders made it to hospitals, the research centre Portland Down and to the elderly, some of which to this day have still not left their house.

We still talk with our customers daily and know many now from when we see their number pop up on our phone screens. They appreciate not only the great food and service but also the fact that after we cleared the initial rush we are back to delivering our fresh grass fed and free range meats nationwide and next day.

Making Meatbox everything you want it to be

We’ve taken on board lots of your comments and responded by improving how the website works, as well as adding lots of tasty new fresh meat products…with more on the way, to help you create a mouth-watering variety of meat dishes. We welcome your suggestions, too – and we’d love you to join our new Meatbox Club, so we can offer you some exclusive rewards (it’s free and there are no obligations – it’s our ‘thank you’ for choosing Meatbox!).

We learned a lot from lockdown and we now know that whatever the future holds, we are ready and prepared to deliver the service you want and deserve. Thank you for coming along with us on our journey…..