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5 Reasons to include Biltong in your diet.

MeatBox has researched high and low to compile a collection of Biltong which is both nutritious and an epicurean delight. A convenient snack to enjoy quietly or for people on the move.

We have added a list of benefits why you should include Biltong in your diet.

1. The perfect snack for work outs:
It is important after a training session or indeed any sustained physical exertion to relax and accelerate recovery. Biltong does just that. It is packed with protein which aides recovery of muscle fatigue. Athletes enjoy the convenience of a light weight, pre-packed, nutritional bite which can be popped into the sports bag knowing the food will keep fresh for the duration of the training session.

2. Low in fat:
Biltong is low in fat as the meat we use is organically produced lean, prime, grass fed beef which will allow you to enjoy a tasty bite without interfering with your weight management protocol. In the process of producing biltong, the meat is cut into wide strips then naturally air dried for days to replicate the hot, dry climate of South Africa. This renders the biltong high in protein and low in fat.

3. High in protein:
It doesn’t matter if you are a serious athlete following a strict training programme or just wanting to remain or get into shape, protein is a vital part of a diet. Stressing the body will cause muscle fatigue and can cause muscle damage. Adding protein to your diet will help offset these effects and help promote recovery.

Time to prepare a protein rich food is often limited in a busy schedule so convenience has it’s place.

The MearBox range of meat products, including biltong, is packed with the protein you need.

4. Rich in nutrients:
MeatBox prepares biltong without any form of cooking which locks in essential nutrients and vitamins. Iron, essential for the formation of haemoglobin, zinc for tissue formation and selenium which breaks down fat and harmful chemicals, vital for the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Vitamins A, B and D, commonly found in red meat promote good vision, strong bones and teeth and support the nervous system and mental health.

5. Exciting flavours:
Discover our range of biltong which deliver that special ‘come back for more’ taste available in a variety of herby/spicy flavours.